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All of the cartoons on this site are made by me. I first started making cartoons in 2006 and I have continued producing them ever since. As you will see when you watch the cartoons, I used to make the cartoons frame by frame and that is why they are not very smooth, but lately I have started using 3D software. I find that this takes a lot longer and it is a lot more difficult, but I think that it is worth the extra trouble when you see the final result.

This website was set up in the spring of 2006, and I am constantly changing it and trying to make it better and increase the amount of traffic visiting the site. I have designed and coded all of the pages myself, and through doing this, I have managed to learn HTML and little bit of PHP.

I hope you like the cartoons and animation that I have done if you haven't watched some of them already, and please rate them after you have watched them so that I can see which type of cartoon people like the best. If you have any questions or ideas for the site, you can contact me using the contact button on the navigation menu.

Justin Turner

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